Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Students Can't Handle the Truth.

I would be a rich man. I would have so much money in the bank. If only I have gotten a quarter for every time that I had a student tell that they want to grow in their walk with Christ and wants help, only to push away that advice and help. Only to respond with anger, lies, selfishness and ultimately sin.

Teenagers are famous for only thinking about what is in the here and now. Famous for thinking on what they “feel” at that moment. Rarely can a student get pass the tunnel vision and see a bigger picture in their lives. No matter how much they think they want the help they need to make it as a follower of Jesus. Ultimately very, very, very few of them can handle it. When you actually tell a student the Truth that they need to hear. When you actually tell them the hard things they need to do. You are met with a range of responses. One response that isn’t there? Thankfulness.

Proverbs 12:15.
The way of a fool seems right to him,
but a wise man listens to advice.

Are teenagers fools? Well according to the above verse. ANYONE who does not listen to advice, is a fool. I have come to the point in my life to where I am very thankful of the people in my life (past and present) who have had the love, yes LOVE, to tell me things I needed to hear. Even when they knew I wouldn’t be happy to hear it. Look what it says. The way of fool seems right to him. When you wear blinders on your eyes and refuse to see past what you want. Life is not good. Teens can be very good at convincing themselves of what God’s will is because they feel so strong about it. Emotions can be very deceiving. The clearest that I have heard God speak to me are the times that I was extremely not emotional.

BUT a wise man listens to advice. I truly believe that students today really do want advice, they do want help. But they want the advice that will agree with what they already want. Teens are also very good at surrounding themselves and seeking advice from people that will not push them, not disagree with them. A person that truly cares for you tells you the hard truths. A friend isn’t someone who tells you “Well, if you feel good about it, then do it” Someone who has your best interest at heart tells you “Well, you really don’t need to do that.“ Students can’t handle the Truth. They say they want it. But they, well most of them, can’t handle it.

Bottom line: A fool does their own thing. Wise people listen to advice.


sierra<3_4:12 said...

Jimmy i love these little blog things....
besides that fact, i am guilty of surrounding myself with people who will only agree with me and now i realize its the people that disagree with you as much as agree that care:) I am so glad you did this blog, because brother john just did a message on things we shouldnt base our faith on and one of them was feelings and that one really touched me. thanks for keeping these things going, they remind me to accept the TRUTH!
love ya Jimmy

The Bearded Weiss said...

Unfortunately, like you said, it's not just limited to teens.

Thanks for sharing.

May the Truth rock on!

StLphotogirl said...

I totally agree, but I definitely wouldn't limit it to teenagers. I think that many people, including myself at times, are guilty of this. I have found that one of the best ways to avoid only hearing the things that I want to hear is to ask a lot of people that I know and trust. Some of them are older than me, I almost always include my parents, I talk to people who have been Christians longer than me, and I talk to my husband. Then I take all of the things that they said and pray about them because that helps it be clearer which of the things that I am hearing are really from God. Sometimes what they say I don't like but much later I usually realize that they were right and either I am happy because I listened or I feel regret and guilt because I didn't. Wise men and women, save yourselves the regret and listen to wise council!!!

DC said...

If a student can build into their dna a life pattern of humility and listening to others who are walking the disciple's walk...they are setting themselves for a happy and successful life.

Great post Jimmy