Sunday, March 18, 2012

Don't Bow - DNOW 2012

Today was the end of our first DNOW with the students at McCarthy Baptist Church. #WinningSM has really taken off in the first six months that we have been here and I am really excited to see what God has in store!

The whole weekend was called 2: Don't Bow! It focused on getting rid of all of our idols (things, activities, or people we put before God) and really getting to know God face to face for the first time or maybe the first time in a long time. It was neat to watch the students as they began to realize all the things that they have been putting before God in their lives and then to start re-prioritizing things.

Not only was this DNOW awesome because of what God was doing and because it was the first one here, but it was also awesome because I had the privilege of working with so many of my former youth and grand-youth (youth who had one of my students as their youth minister)! Two of my girls, Gretel and Shaina, did a drama on Saturday night that was all about finding God and when you find Him--or more appropriately He finds you--holding on and never letting go. It was so amazing that I just have to share it with you below!

If you are in youth ministry, I pray you will see the blessing of God in yout ministry as I have witnessed in mine this weekend. If you aren't then I pray that you will still be able to see the power of God as He works in your life and that you will appreciate the hard work of the student workers in your church. Grace and peace to you, my friends. I hope you enjoy the drama.

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